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Egg Painting & Colouring

Egg Painting:

How to paint an egg:
Hold the egg in one hand. With brush and acrylic, paint the upper half of the egg.
Place egg in egg carton and let paint dry, at least 1 minute.
After the egg has dried, paint the other half.
Let dry in egg carton.

Egg Colouring:

Food colouring, natural colours, commercial egg dyes, and water-based felt pens can be used for colouring eggs.
If using food colouring, for each colour, mix 175 mL (3/4 cup) of water and 5 mL (1 tsp) vinegar
and 1 mL (1/4 tsp) food colouring. Add food colouring one drop at a time until you obtain the brightness that you desire.
Completely submerge the eggs until tinted the colour you want, from 2-5 minutes.
Remove the eggs from the water and allow to dry before adding another colour or continuing to decorate.
Handy Tips:
Tongs are a handy tool to use for dipping raw or hard-cooked eggs in and out of the water.
An easy way to colour a blown egg is to thread a thin piece of wire through a hole made at both ends of the egg. Bend the wire at one end so the egg won't slip off. This makes a handy tool for dipping the egg in the dye and hanging it to dry.
A cake rack is also useful for drying eggs.
Decorating tips:
Use wax crayons, magic markers or paints (acrylics, tempera, enamel or poster paints) on your eggshell. Then coat it with clear nail polish to prevent smearing. To make the eggshell glisten, use pearl-coloured nail polish. For a porcelain finish apply many coats of Elmers glue diluted with a bit of water, over the egg and any designs. Allow to dry between coats and before finishing with a fixitive spray or lacquer. Any eggs you wish to keep can be coated with spray lacquer or acrylic sealer.
For egghead faces, use felt pens and paints or dye eggs flesh colours of brown, pink or yellow. Glue on ribbons, lace, buttons, cotton balls, wool, sequins, macaroni, feathers, glitter, pencil shavings, fabric, yarn, dried plants, buttons, or jewellery.
To make stands for decorated eggs, glue on small plastic curtain rings, buttons, spools, stones, pieces of wood or bottle caps. Strips of coloured heavy paper can be rolled up until small enough to hold an egg and secured with tape.