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Golden Eggs began in 1946 with the intention of providing WA with fresh quality eggs. Since 1946 we have been supplying WA families and businesses with fresh eggs. Our farming standards are constantly evolving to suit our ever-changing society. 

Our Eggs

We supply WA with a range of different farmed eggs and these are Free-Range, Barn Laid and Cage eggs. Our range of eggs lets the consumer decide how they want their eggs to be farmed. All our eggs strictly meet Australian poultry farming standards. 


As we are a proud WA company we employ over 200 West Aussies all across our great state. Without our hard-working staff, there would be no eggs.

West Aussies


Our High Tech farms allow us to get our eggs to you as quick as possible. Robotic arms assist employees by reducing the amount of lifting they have to do during the day. Solar panels fitted to farm buildings mean we produce your eggs using green renewable energy!

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