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We love supporting our local community as much as we can. We love helping out local schools, sporting clubs and community groups. Check out these great groups that we have helped in the past, they may help you!

Guildford and Kalamunda Districts Swimming Club

The GK Swimming Club is located in the eastern region of Perth. This swim club provides young swimmers with the basic water skills that they need in life. Kids are able to advance with their talents in the swim club all the way to a national level competing at competitions all across Australia. Our sponsorship helps the club provided these opportunities to the community.

mazenod college.jpeg

Mazenod College

Mazenod College, a school in Perth which provides great opportunities for its students and surrounding communities. Every year Mazenod holds a carnival day to raise money for missions in third world countries allowing kids in other countries have better access to resources such as schooling and clean water. We donate eggs each year to help the Mazenod students reach their fundraising goal.

Does your community group need a sponsorship? Fill out the form below and we will see if we can help you out!

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